Go Wild with Bush Tucker Trial

Go Wild with Bush Tucker Trial

Go Wild

Fun-loving groups will just love a fabulous 'Go Wild' activity with something for everyone.

"The Go Wild activity was wonderful, I can see why this is a firm favourite. Our instructor was Will. He had a lovely manner and seemed to know his stuff when it came to the foraging and fire-starting."

Take a leisurely pace, or go for it with a challenging team-building and competitive style. Go Wild normally involves 3 elements - a short wild food foray & bush tucker trial, a fire-lighting challenge and a bush-bow archery competition. 

During the foray, you will discover some of the wild food that you can eat, and you can collect wild food for your bush tucker trial such as nettles, sorrel and jelly ear fungus! Then you can take a step up from plants and try some bugs such as mealworms. You can then blindfold the bride-to-be, birthday boy/girl or boss, for the finale which usually involves screaming, squirming & hysterical laughter!

During the fire-lighting challenge you will each make fire without matches, the aim here is for everyone to achieve a flaming bundle of hay, which is quite an experience, a great photo opportunity, and a bit harder than Bear Grylls makes it look! 

The third element of the Go Wild activity involves learning how to use a bush bow for a short, fun bush-bow archery competition and games.

The idea is that you have learned a bit about ‘hunting and gathering’ including wild food & fire-lighting in a beautiful setting, and had some laughs along the way. It’s not strenuous or dangerous, and is a whole lot of fun. 

Duration: Approximately 2 hours.


LOCATIONS: Bristol & Bath